HOODFORTS - My Hood, My Thoughts, Hoodforts...


HoodForts Story

HoodForts is a project that helps to communicate young people’s thoughts and views using a creative approach, it was set up to help to remove common misconception about young people’s lifestyle choices. The HoodForts project started in 2010 and since then has been recognized with numerous awards for its film and media projects.

HoodForts is a play on the words ‘Hood’ and ‘Forts’: the former is a manipulation of the word ‘Hood’ (both geographical area and the hoodie [clothing item]); and the latter a manipulation of ones fortress [area] and thoughts.

Mile End Community Project

The Mile End Community project is an award winning youth project in Tower Hamlets delivering a range of social and educational and creative activities to young people and the wider community. Formed by a group of young neighbourhood volunteers in 1995. MCP has become an established and popular community organisation in Tower Hamlets, known particularly for its award winning film making, participatory arts and sports projects – all designed to facilitate communication and support personal development of disadvantaged young people.