HOODFORTS - My Hood, My Thoughts, Hoodforts...


Our production sessions started off by shooting some street portraits with the whole group. These also provided an opportunity for them to learn how to operate equipment and gain the confidence they need for the street interview session(s) later on. We decided that the central idea for our street portraits was to show our guys in the sort of situations in which you might encounter them on the streets –in situations in which you might be tempted to form a snap opinion about them.


Rehan our photographer helped set up the camera equipment before handing over to the group to direct and shoot the portraits.


Some of our sequences were taken by shooting time-lapse sequences with the group taking a photograph every few seconds and directing movements in between which was lots of fun to experiment with. Because we were shooting in the dark (this project happened over the new year period) we also did some long exposure pictures which captured lots of movement and light trails.

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