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London Youth

Next people we would like to thank is our new friends at London Youth. London Youth have been working in partnership with MCP for the past year. They have created opportunities for some of us and have been very encouraging. Some key people who have really gone out of their way are Anne-marie. Annemarie really recognised the potential in us as a group and always created the opportunity for some of our guys to be involved in activities that would challenge us and gives the confidence to become better at we we do, Unfortunately we have heard that she will be leaving LY, probably been headhunted for another post, we wish you all the best in your future career and hope that you will stay in touch. Big it up!

Another person who has been working with us recently but feels like years is Hanif Barker (that is a good thing right, if not its meant to be a good thing lol) . Hanif joined us at MCP not so long ago but since then has become of the guys (made man!), some people like to come and start showing who’s boss kinda thing when it comes to young people, trust me it does not work and will not work with young people in youth or community centres (we are not at school) he took his time and did not rush things and takes it a step at a time but at the same time gets the job done.  Nice one geeza, lets carry on and make 2010 a great one. Big it up.

And finally everyone one else at the office, David, Nick and Maymay thank you for coming down to the event it meant allot, we will try to organise those tops and painting you asked for, so keep that cash ready.


Bold Creative

What can we say about these guys, any youth organisation that has not worked with this company yet, Trruuuuuust me you are missing out, get your youth workers or senior guys check out the website below and let it do the talking. We have had the privilege of working with them on a number of projects to which have won awards. This gave us huge confidence to know that the work we produced was worthy of an award, it doesnt happen often round here, hopefully it will continue. Coming back to the guys at Bold, this is a small company but the skills and creativity they have is amazing (just a quick insight they have won Baftas, read more on the website). The products they produce are of a quality that we would not have imagined to have, they make you feel special but when working with them we found out they are like that with everyone. We can’t thank one person in particular as everything they do is team work, everyone gets involved. This is not a pitch from us and we do not get commission but this is organisation is a definite

Bold Team Big it up!


Adobe Youth Voices

We heard about this organisation when working with Bold and we applied and managed to get through, we couldn’t believe that we were working on a project with Adobe themselves, anyway this was a 6 month project and during this project we all met a very special lady by the name of Kate, Brrrraaap! Kate has been amazing, her words were very encouraging, she also created the opportunity for our guys to get involved in other voluntary work and always came with a bag of energy.  (please read the Adobe Youth Voices Section for more info about the project)  So Kate a very big thank you erm sorry Big Up to you as you really helped motivate us every time you came to the sessions. We would also like to thank the team at the offscreen and adobe office who helped out with Syed and Muhsin wholst they where working their, they really really enjoyed it.

Keep in touch :-)

Streets of Growth

This is an award-winning grass-roots organisation, the lady who we have been working with us is always snowed under with work but manages to find time to help other organisation as well. The lady we are talking about is Lucky, she also has helped us, recognised the potential in our group and has managed to secure us a slot in Spitalfields Market. This once up and running will open many doors for us, when Lucky told us that we had the opportunity to take our designs there we couldn’t believe it.  This will be a huge boost to our brand and can’t thank Luck enough for organising.

We appreciate this allot, you will always get friends and family discount with our brand. (don’t tell the others though)

So a big thank you to you.



all though we don’t have paragraphs to write about the next group of people it does not mean that they do not deserve a big up, we would like to thank Rajul Bhai ( it’s that cultural word again, if you aint clocked on yet with this thing then ask a bangaldeshi or asian person what the hell we keep using this word for) who is a fantastic illustrator and has been supporting behind the scenes and wants to work with us more (you didn’t know that did you, speak to Islam Bhai, he can explain everything

Maher Bhai, a young entrepeneur who lived in Tower Hamlets but is now running some very successful business, who has offered his support and experience when we require it, we will be in touch.

So Big Up to you both